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Cast of Pixar’s “Incredibles 2” revealed with new character portraits

TheDisneyBlog.com - Mon, 2018-01-22 19:09

Not one to be caught out on an internet trend, Pixar has shared the names of the voice cast for “Incredibles 2” with side-by-side images of the actors with artistic portraits of their characters and character descriptions. Brad Bird returns to direct this long awaited sequel. Helen Parr (voice of...

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intercot.com - Mon, 2018-01-22 16:20
Do any of the parks do anything special on Easter? That will be our first day in the parks and was interested to know if they do any kind of egg hunts. Thanks.
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intercot.com - Mon, 2018-01-22 14:21
On the date of our arrival we plan to do the pool, Disney springs, and some mini-golf. Which mini-golf course seems to be the best? I want the most animated and kid fun. I'm leaning towards the Fantasia course. Your thoughts?
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Spotted: Walt Disney’s Plane, formerly of Disney’s Hollywood Studios backlot tour

TheDisneyBlog.com - Mon, 2018-01-22 03:42

The Disney Blog reader Andrew is a flight instructor and when he heard we’d been inquiring as the the condition of Walt Disney’s plane that used to sit in the Backlot Tour at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, he remembered seeing it on one of his recent flights. Saturday, when Andrew’s flight...

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Tidbits January 2018: Studios Re-Imagining Updates, New Snacks, Refurb News, and More

intercot.com - Mon, 2018-01-22 01:55
January 2018

The Doctor Is In … Disney World

Walt Disney World has announced a trial of a new medical service. A 90 day trial of a “resort nurse station” is set to begin January 22nd at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort. The station is set to operate daily from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm offering services similar to the in-park first aid stations.

Belle of the Refurb

The Magic Kingdom has begun a lengthy refurbishment on a Liberty Square attraction. The Liberty Square Riverboat temporarily ceased operation on January 8th for a 6 month dry-dock. The attraction is scheduled to return to operation on July 20, 2018.

A Tasty Trend

Rose Gold invaded Disney shelves in the form of Minnie Ears and now it is invading its bakeries as well. Sunshine Season in Epcot’s Land pavilion has recently introduced a Rose Gold Minnie Ears Cupcake. The treat is a vanilla and chocolate marble cupcake topped with vanilla buttercream icing, rose-colored icing accents, rose gold pearls, and rose gold Minnie Ears shaped fondant.

A Disney Directory

As the re-imagining of Disney’s Hollywood Studios continues, an important milestone was recently reached—the completion of Grand Avenue. With the new land now fully free of construction walls, Guests can hunt for a new “Hidden Gem”. Guests wishing to visit some friends in the Grand Lofts building should check out the directory by the door. Guests may find some famous tenants such as Imagineer Kathy Mangum and Park VP Phil Holmes.

A Little Less Mania

Toy Story Mania has begun work to re-route the attraction to be entered and exited from inside the soon-to-open Toy Story Land. For the coming weeks, Guests may notice longer than recent wait times as phased closures occur on the third track followed by the two original tracks. After the phased closures, a full attraction closure is expected to complete the project closer to the Summer 2018 opening of the new land.

Merchandising, Merchandising

Although more than a year away from opening, Guests can now purchase Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge merchandise. On Grand Avenue near what will be the tunnel entrance into the new land, a small kiosk is now selling a variety of eponymous T-Shirts, hats, lanyards, and tumblers. Several of the shirts feature Captain Rex from Star Tours who was announced to be the cantina DJ in new land.

Land of the Rising Restaurant

Epcot Cast have reported that a third table service restaurant is in the planning stages at the Japan Pavilion. The site for the third dining spot is to be reclaimed from a backstage and storage area of the Mitsukoshi Department Store. A timetable for this project has yet to be reported.

A Not-So Rapid Return

Guests to Blizzard Beach may notice the quiet return of one of the parks slide attractions. Runoff Rapids recently re-opened from an unannounced, 1 year closure that began in Late January 2017.

Some Trails Are Happy Ones

The Magic Kingdom has introduced its own spin on Trail Mix. The Westward Ho kiosk in Frontier land is now offering Happy Trail Mix priced at $4.99 and is comprised of House-Made Marshmallows, Pretzels, Chocolate Gems, Raisins, and Mixed Nuts.

In the Loop

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has recently re-tuned the background music loops throughout the park. Keen eared Guests may now hear the following sounds in each land: Big Band Arrangements of favorite Disney tunes in the Main Entrance; custom arrangements of Big Band instrumental songs on Hollywood Boulevard; hit vocal songs from the ‘30s and ‘40s Big Band era on Sunset Boulevard; hit Big Band songs from the ‘50s and ‘60s in Echo Lake; retro-contemporary west coast funk on Grand Avenue; and classic rock songs in the Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster courtyard. In addition to these new loops; Guests may also notice other new audio elements of storytelling. Guests strolling along the Grand Avenue storefronts should keep an ear out for traffic sounds, chirping birds, chatting store-goers, and children at play. Guests resting a spell near the Garcia Sisters store front may hear songs playing on the radio inside the store
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Downtown Renovation Start Date

intercot.com - Sun, 2018-01-21 22:34
Does anyone know when things will start closing at Downtown Disney or if the closings have already begun?? I have heard that Rainforest Cafe, Earl of Sandwich, etc will be closing for the making of another Disney hotel. Does anyone know when this will start?
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Two New Patents Hint at How Augmented Reality Could be Used in Disney Theme Parks

intercot.com - Sun, 2018-01-21 21:48
The Walt Disney Company has recently had two patents become publicly published that describe implementation of Augmented Reality systems.

US #20170206709 "Systems and methods for augmenting an appearance of a hilt to simulate a bladed weapon" describes how Lightsabers could be implemented through an augmented reality system. The claims depict a lightsaber being used to cut through a door to reveal an enemy on the other side and a dual between lightsabers:
Quote: Originally Posted by US 20170206709 A1 Systems and methods for augmenting an appearance of a hilt to simulate a bladed weapon

This disclosure relates to systems and methods for augmenting an appearance of a hilt to simulate a bladed weapon. A hilt may be augmented with a blade of a bladed weapon by detecting a landmark associated with the hilt, determining a position and/or an orientation of the hilt, determining an overlay image comprising the blade of the bladed weapon, wherein the blade is placed within the overlay image according to the determined position and/or the determined orientation of the hilt, and displaying the overlay image so that the blade of the bladed weapon appears to be attached to the hilt.

US #20180008897 "LOCATION-BASED EXPERIENCE WITH INTERACTIVE MERCHANDISE" describes a less specific system in which Guests would use objects to interact with their surroundings and implement augmented reality effects. The claims depict a Guest wearing gloves to produce an augmented reality effect and several general process flows as to how the system itself would function:


A system for providing an interactive experience for multiple game-players. The experience is provided in a light-controlled setting where the game-players may wear or hold one or more of various toys (e.g., gloves). The system detects and recognizes the toy along with gestures and pointing efforts performed by the game-player and the system generates an effect based on the type of toy and the type of gesture. The system also generates one or more visual targets that are visible to the game-player such as projections, holograms, and displays of one or more of various fantasy virtual adversaries. The generated effects may include any combination of sensory effects including visual, audio, tactile, and smell/taste. The generated effect may be directed based on the pointing efforts of the game-player. The system may then register the effect on the target, if the pointing efforts intersect with the virtual location of the target.
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Fastpass advice?

intercot.com - Sun, 2018-01-21 20:40
I'm overwhelmed with choices and complications. Not sure what Fastpasses to request. Here is what I'm thinking:
We're doing two half days at AKL, which I think will up my chances of getting both the new rides, so I'm thinking
Day one - Flights of passage, Expedition Everest, Kali River
Day two - Navi whatever (can't remember what its called right now, LOL), Kilimanjaro, Dinosaur? or Expedition again? (it's my favourite)

Magic Kingdom, have a full day and a part - we aren't interested in Fantasyland other than trying out Seven Dwarves - so that one for sure. What would be the next priorities - the three mountains?

DHS - Top priorities are Tower of Terror and Rockin' Roller Coaster - but I don't think I can get both? (sorry, I have to take another look at the listing above after I finish this post). Not desperate to do Toy Story, but could. Here's my concern - with so much closed there, I fear that what attractions there are will be packed! And should we got see Fantasmic? Did it years ago.

Epcot - Soarin or Test Track? Which is harder on standby? And then..do I really need one for Spaceship Earth? It has always been a walk on, (which means, much to the chagrin of my family, that it is the first thing I do EVERY time I step into the park, including the vacation where we went there for dinner every single night, LOL)

We are going in mid May, so I'm not sure what crowd levels will be line.
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Magical Express question

intercot.com - Sun, 2018-01-21 20:30
I'm looking at my reservation and it notes Magical Express on it. However, the day we arrive we are actually moving over from Universal, so we don't need it. Do I have to contact them and let them know that, or do we just not show up for it? I don't know if they will be "expecting" us, or how exactly that works.
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“it’s a small world” Mall to be Re-Imagined at Disneyland Park

intercot.com - Sun, 2018-01-21 14:49
Disneyland Park has announced a re-design of one to its signature areas:

Quote: Originally Posted by Disney Parks & Resorts
Once “it’s a small world” returns to its classic version, transitioning from “it’s a small world” Holiday, guests may notice work continuing in the promenade in front of the attraction. The location of the queue will be moved – along with other enhancements, including a new parade route entrance and stroller area – allowing guests to travel through “it’s a small world” Mall with greater ease.

... The slightly adjusted parade route will make room for the attraction’s new queue, creating more space in the area.

“it’s a small world” Holiday will close on Jan. 22 and “it’s a small world” will reopen on Feb. 2. The aforementioned changes are expected to complete in spring, when “Pixar Play Parade” will step off the new parade route entrance during Pixar Fest, beginning April 13.
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Alternatives to Mara

intercot.com - Sun, 2018-01-21 09:18
Since AKL is going cashless, I need to cut our Mara breakfast out. Is there a good alternative? I can't think of the name of the dish we loved so much there. Essentially I am looking for a quick service breakfast that isn't the same ol' mickey waffles and eggs.
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Sweet Treats Dot the Landscape to Celebrate Minnie Mouse & National Polka Dot Day

intercot.com - Sat, 2018-01-20 19:59
To Commemorate National Polka Dots Day 2018 and Celebrate Minnie Mouse Receiving a Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame, look for these Minnie Mouse inspired treats around Walt Disney World:

Quote: Originally Posted by Disney Parks & Resorts
... we’ve got cupcakes galore here at the Walt Disney World Resort! Starting at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, Roaring Fork will be offering a Minnie Mouse strawberry cupcake filled with strawberry preserve, topped with pink and white buttercream and garnished with pink crispy pearls and chocolate pieces. This cupcake is even served in a cute red and white polka dot liner.

At all three of Disney’s All Star Resorts, there will be a Minnie Cupcake consisting of vanilla cake with strawberry filling and topped with strawberry buttercream and a chocolate bow. The Paddock Grill at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa will have a strawberry sponge cake with fresh strawberries and vanilla cream filling.

Riverside Mill Food Court at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside will offer a chocolate Minnie cupcake with vanilla buttercream icing. And at Gasparilla Island Grill at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, you’ll find a yummy chocolate Minnie cupcake filled with cookies and cream chocolate mousse, topped with cookies and cream buttercream and garnished with chocolate cream cookies and a chocolate polka dot bow!

... Minnie Mouse Dome Cake! It was a lemon chiffon cake with white chocolate mousse and strawberry pate de fruit jelly, and it was absolutely delicious! You can find this cake at the popular Amorette’s Patisserie at Disney Springs, where you can also order it as a chocolate chiffon cake with milk chocolate mousse and orange pate de fruit jelly

Another fun treat that can be found at select candy shops throughout Walt Disney World Resort is a Minnie Mouse Candy Apple – a chocolate covered apple coated with red sugar. Attached Images    
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Rock Your Dots & Celebrate Minnie Mouse with These 2 New T-Shirts

intercot.com - Sat, 2018-01-20 19:53
Walt Disney World & the Disneyland Resorts are celebrating all things Minnie Mouse this weekend to commeorate National Polka Dot Day & Minnie Mouse's Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

If you can't join in the fun in-person, you can still celebrate from home with these two T-Shirts:

Quote: Originally Posted by Disney Parks & Resorts
.. These limited release shirts will be available to order through January 26, 2018...Please allow 3-5 weeks for shipping.
Get the Shirts on shopDisney Here. Attached Images  
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Walt Disney World Celebrates Minnie Mouse Receiving a Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

intercot.com - Sat, 2018-01-20 19:44
The Walt Disney World resort is celebrating Minnie Mouse Receiving a Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame with park mementos, parties, merchandise, & more:

Quote: Originally Posted by Disney Parks & Resorts
Have you heard the news? Minnie Mouse will soon forge a milestone in Disney history by receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood, California in celebration of her 90th anniversary.

Minnie will receive the star during a special unveiling ceremony on Monday, January 22 – but before she leaves on her grand Hollywood adventure, we’re going to give her a special send-off live from Disney’s Hollywood Studios here in Florida this Sunday, January 21 at 1 p.m. ET! (BTW, Minnie hopes to see as many guests as possible dressed in her signature red, white and black polka dots at the park that day!).

To celebrate Minnie, on Sunday, January 21 commemorative buttons will be given out at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort and Downtown Disney at Disneyland Resort while supplies last.

... On January 21, the main event {at Disney Springs} showcases a DJ Dance Party in the heart of Town Center from 1 – 6 p.m. where Minnie Mouse will make frequent appearances. I’ve been told to expect a few wardrobe changes, and can’t wait to see which of her many signature looks she’ll sport. Keep an eye out for a photo backdrop sponsored by PANDORA Jewelry; Disney PhotoPass photographers will be on site to capture the moment with fun props and frames to ensure you strike your most stylish pose. If you want to start the party early, Paddlefish will offer a “polka dot brunch” from 12 – 3 p.m. that infuses a bit of pampering to the meal: complimentary hand massages from L’Occitane and make-up applications from Sephora are on the menu.

... at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique ... the Minnie Dot Package includes a tutu, t-shirt bow and Minnie Mouse hairstyle and can be booked in advance via 407-WDW-STYLE in Florida .

... Select products, such as the “Minnie Rocks the Dots” logo collection, contain a hint of bling to celebrate Minnie Mouse receiving her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Other items have more subtle nods to the favorite style muse. The new Dooney & Bourke handbag collection includes plenty of polka dots along with heart-shaped mouse tails incorporated into the designs.

The new merchandise joins a curated assortment of fan favorites such as sequin-filled headbands, or the classic Minnie Mouse dress from the nostalgic Dress Shop collection.

These products and more may be found in select merchandise locations including World of Disney...Other locations where guests will find Minnie Mouse merchandise include Emporium on Main Street, U.S.A.; Mickey’s of Hollywood in Disney’s Hollywood Studios; & Mouse Gear at Epcot.

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All The Walt Disney World Snack Spots to Pop In to on National Popcorn Day

intercot.com - Sat, 2018-01-20 01:57
In Honor of National Popcorn Day 2018, the Walt Disney World resort is showcasing its best popcorn snack spots and one seasonal snack option:

Quote: Originally Posted by Disney Parks & Resorts
... Epcot is ‘poppin’ with some fun specialty popcorn offerings. If you head over towards Future World West, you’ll find a popcorn cart that sells buffalo bleu cheese, sour cream and chive, and cheddar cheese popcorn. And if you’re looking for a little sweetness to add to your salty snack, you’ll want to travel over to Canada in the World Showcase for some maple popcorn, which is my personal favorite flavor. Or if you’re in the Germany pavilion, you can stop by Karamel-Küche, presented by Werther’s Original, to try some sweet and salty kernels. Here, you’ll find their popular fresh-made caramel-coated popcorn, and you can even watch while it’s being made!

Another fun popcorn offering at Epcot is available for a limited time during the Epcot International Festival of the Arts. If you visit the Odyssey Festival Showplace, you’ll find a popcorn pairing flight at The Painter’s Palate Food Studio. This flight comes with three unique beers each paired with a different flavor of popcorn. The first pairing is North Coast Brewing Co. Scrimshaw Pilsner Style Beer with Bacon Barbecue Popcorn; the second is M.I.A. Beer Company Jazz IPA with Jalapeño Ranch Popcorn; and the third pairing is Central 28 Beer Company Miss Mary Brown Oatmeal Brown Ale with Buffalo Bleu Cheese Popcorn.

In addition to these fun specialty popcorn offerings, you’ll also find Main Street Popcorn Company pre-packaged popcorn at select merchandise locations at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. This popcorn comes in traditional flavors like caramel, kettle corn, cheddar and confetti. But you’ll also find some more unique options like Sriracha kettle corn, parmesan garlic, kettle corn with red alaea salt, truffle, maple bacon, and one of the most popular ones – churro!

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Unique Flavors Pop into the Snack Spotlight at Disneyland on National Popcorn Day

intercot.com - Sat, 2018-01-20 01:53
Disney California Adventure is shining the snack spotlight on its unique popcorn flavors in honor of National Popcorn Day 2018:

Quote: Originally Posted by Disney Parks & Resorts
...while you may enjoy that classic buttery flavor, there’s a few places where you can even find some unique specialty popcorn – such as the Cozy Cone Motel at Cars Land in Disney California Adventure park. Here, you’ll find a delicious array of flavors such as dill pickle, buffalo ranch, white cheddar, Sriracha, pizza and garlic parmesan. You can even order it in a cool Lightning McQueen souvenir bucket!
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Refillable mugs kidani

intercot.com - Sat, 2018-01-20 00:48
Do they have a place to fill them or do you need to go to jambo.
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Need advice on planning a Disney/Universal trip

intercot.com - Fri, 2018-01-19 23:57
We would like to stay onsite at Disney and do 4 days at Disney parks. We have never been to Universal and now that our kids are older, 10,13,14,16, we would like to try universal a couple days (my daughters and I are big HP fans)

Will it work to stay on disney property the whole time and do universal while there?

Any advice appreciated:)
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Pirate and pals firework voyage

intercot.com - Fri, 2018-01-19 20:47
We are going in May and have been told the Pirate and Pals firework voyage is a MUST. However, we viewed it on YOUTUBE and at $79 per adult and $49 a child it seems to be not worth it. Sure you get a great view of fireworks, but the food looks very plain and lacks true Disney magic. No caramel apples and Mickey shaped goodies. So basically, your paying $79 to see fireworks from a boat. Anyone else think this really is a MUST do? Its my first time at the Florida parks and I really don't want to waste my time, $, and magic on the few Disney duds.
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Disneyland Resort Celebrates Lunar New Year with God of Good Fortune Goofy and Pluto, Jan. 26 to Feb. 18, 2018

disneylandnews.com/ - Fri, 2018-01-19 19:52
Disney California Adventure Park Expands Lunar New Year Festivities to 24 Days, Featuring ‘Hurry Home – Lunar New Year Celebration,’‘Mulan’s Lunar New Year Procession’ and More

ANAHEIM, Calif. (Jan. 19, 2018) – Disneyland Resort will bring its biggest Lunar New Year celebration yet to Disney California Adventure Park, Friday, Jan. 26 to Sunday, Feb. 18, 2018. To commemorate the Year of the Dog, guests will experience more Lunar New Year fun than ever before as the celebration expands to 24 days full of multicultural performances, fun-filled activities, beautiful décor, delicious cuisine and themed merchandise to celebrate the start of a new year.

Guests at the Lunar New Year festivities will discover plenty of Disney magic as they experience Asian culture through inspired food, music and entertainment with their family and friends. Lunar New Year, traditionally celebrated within Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese cultures, commemorates the moment when both the sun and the moon begin their journey for another year. Highlights of the Lunar New Year celebration at Disney California Adventure will include:

  • Pluto greeting guests during the “Year of the Dog” Lunar New Year celebration, along with pals Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Chip ‘n Dale, all dressed in their Lunar New Year attire.
  • “Hurry Home—Lunar New Year Celebration,” the heartwarming nighttime water show at Paradise Bay prior to “World of Color” which tells the tale of a little lantern’s quest to reunite with family for the annual celebration of good luck and fortune. Guests will be delighted to see Mulan and Mushu who become a part of the little lantern’s journey.
  • “Mulan’s Lunar New Year Procession,” a magical celebration hosted by Mulan and Mushu that honors Lunar New Year and celebrates family and friendship. Goofy joins the fun this year by spreading happiness to all in his celebratory “god of Good Fortune” attire.
  • Three Asian marketplaces located near the Golden Zephyr attraction will offer delightful foods inspired by Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese cultures, as well as a special Lunar New Year menu at Paradise Garden Grill. More about the many food items, including a purple sweet potato macaron and pork soup dumplings with black vinegar and ginger, can be found at the Disney Parks Blog.
    • Korean Marketplace
    • China Marketplace
    • Vietnam Marketplace
  • Live, daily performances with authentic musicians.
    • The Gugu Drum Group from Shanghai, China, is a high-energy troupe of drummers, storytellers and athletes who perform authentic movements and ancient percussive rhythms to bring timeless Chinese proverbs, fables and fairy tales to life at Paradise Park.
    • Vietnamese artist Dat Ngyuen plays traditional and original compositions on classical guitar, lute, flute and melodica at Paradise Garden Bandstand.
    • Korean musician Luna Lee plays the gayageum, an ancient Korean string instrument at Paradise Garden Bandstand.
    • Additional local performers including Korean drummers, Vietnamese hat dancers, Vietnamese flower dancers, and Korean fan dancers perform daily.
    • An area for guests to try their hand at arts and crafts with local artisans, including Chinese calligraphy, paper lantern making and complimentary face painting.
    • A Lucky Wishing Wall, where guests may add their own wishes for a wonderful future.
    • Beautiful Lunar New Year décor, including ornamental lanterns and banners wishing guests a Happy Lunar New Year in English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese.
  • New Lunar New Year merchandise inspired by different cultures of East Asia.
    • Special items all the way from Shanghai Disney Resort will be available for purchase, including traditional red envelopes for gift-giving, Mickey Mouse plush, Minnie Mouse snow globes and a limited-edition pin.
    • Commemorative items featuring special Lunar New Year designs will be available, including adult tees and hoodies.

For a limited time, guests of the Disneyland Resort will celebrate the lively and colorful traditions of Lunar New Year, only at Disney California Adventure. Guests may check for daily entertainment schedules as they become available, at Disneyland.com/LunarNewYear.



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