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Support, Status: Open (1992 - ?)

The Park Support or Custodial Guest Services team. The team that is dedicated to upholding Walt Disney's original vision to keep the parks clean for our guests.

These individuals are called custodial guest services cast members for a reason. Their very visible presence in the parks allows them to answer guest questions, create personal connections.

Every custodial cast member I know actually does thoroughly enjoy his or her role, however many guests still go out of their way to make their work difficult. For instance, guests who leave trash on the ground where they were sitting after a parade, are probably not appreciating custodial cast members as much as they probably should. Custodial cast members are responsible for keeping the parks looking show ready at all times, and while they will gladly sweep up Main Street after the parade, leaving trash within feet of a garbage can easily make them seem underappreciated.

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