After the Mouse is an online community for Disney Cast members… and a little bit more.

Around 20 years ago I started After the Mouse to answer one question… “Remember that kid we worked with back in ‘92, What ever happened to them?” 

It was a real-world question. The person asking was Dan and they were looking for Helen. She’d gone on to work on a cruise ship and Dan had gone to dance on another stage and the two friends had lost touch. I thought of old friends that I’d lost touch with too, and started the site.

The coming of the big blue social media site and Europe’s GDPR laws both helped the site to withdraw from the web for a while but we’re back.

I also had another itch to scratch. I wanted to rewrite the books on Disney as a workplace. Reading the wiki’s, guides and fan sites, there was so much poor information and too many outdated articles, and don’t get me started on the conspiracy theories…

So, I decided to solve two issues with one stroke. I’d start listing Disney work locations, Attractions, Parades, Disney Stores. I’ve started with just Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris, and have since added the Disney Stores to the list.

I want to this community of experts to rewrite the guide to Disney’s public sites and use those pages to help old friends find each other.

We are still growing the community and always looking for help rewriting the wrongs of those wiki’s, fan sites and unofficial guide sites. If you are or were a Disney Cast Member, come along and join us.

Oh, and by the way, We helped Dan find Helen and they are still good friends.