Well, here goes...

Submitted by Mr Mouse on Sun, 11/06/2022 - 16:37
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After the Mouse is back! – we were way for quite a while, and we’re a little different this time.

After the Mouse was originally built as an online community for Disney Cast Members. Then Facebook came and, well that was that. It’s fatal flaw was the glue that held the Cast Members together was missing. We had thousands of people engaged in the project, but the essential glue holding us together was missing. so this time that’s where we’re starting.

The Research Project phase of the site is to list out as many of the places we worked. Weather is was Disney Stores, park attractions, restaurants, and parades. We can and link members together by where we worked.

The site went online in early November 2022 with 2600+ locations listed. I’ve tried to gather as much information as I could. Dates, geographical locations, anything. It all came from official Disney sites or the multitude of fan sites that are out there.

As you can imagine much of the information was subjective, inaccurate, or, let's say 'interesting'. I kept thinking 'this will need a rewrite' but as one former Cast Member, it is quite a task. So when I soft-launched the site it was to a small number of users. The Disney Store teams are enthusiastic about their stores so I started there.

I added a landing page to the site and asked for help. And it worked. I've asked people to tell me - and you - about their work, and it seems to have had a little success. Time to start on revising those pages.