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Character attendant can easily be one of the most fun and entertaining roles, but there is one part of this role that is always difficult-- cutting the line for a given character meet and greet. While cast members do not let the rude things guests say get to them, cutting the line for a character can often result in some less than thrilling remarks from guests, making this part of their role difficult.

Cast members who work in entertainment, particularly those who might be close friends with some of our favorite Disney characters are clearly underappreciated by guests who do not use character integrity, both in the parks and in other public places (including the internet). Character integrity means that the characters are real, and as such there is only one of each character-- which makes perfect sense because since they are real, there would not be more than one. Despite this being the official stance put forth by the Walt Disney Company, some guests still continue to refer to them as "actors," or "people in costume," which is totally incorrect.

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